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6 Steps You Can Take to Help Keep Your Mobile Device Secure

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Whether you make financial transactions on your phone, scroll through photos on your tablet, or check email on your smartwatch, you probably spend a huge amount of time every day on your mobile device. While you probably know how to keep your computer secure, protecting your phone and tablet requires a different approach. Follow these six steps to help keep your mobile device secure.


The easiest way for someone to access the information on your phone is to simply snatch it. When you’re in public, keep an eye on your device at all times to reduce the chance that an opportunistic thief will grab your unattended phone or tablet. To further protect your device, set up a passcode, PIN, or fingerprint lock. If you lose your device, having some sort of Touch ID feature will act as a deterrent and further protect your sensitive data.


Apps can help us remember the items on our grocery list, arrange transportation, and have fun crushing colorful pieces of candy. But before downloading a bunch of apps, be mindful about their safety and consider what personal information you’re allowing each app to access. Download apps from trustworthy sources, and periodically delete any apps that you no longer need. If an app looks potentially sketchy, read customer reviews, skim the privacy policy, and research the developer before installing it on your device.

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